Spectrum Golf has several golf enclosure designs to meet your golf simulator setup. From a basic golf cage all the way up to our premium Pro series golf enclosure, we have you covered.

Before installing a golf cage, take a look at your space size, restrictions ( doors, windows, hvac, etc) ,and if you want sides/top. Email us your space dimensions, pics of space and a rough layout and we will give you all the options. 

Spectrum Golf is launching a completely new golf cage ( Proseries )  made of 1.5 aluminum extrusion. This golf cage will come 100% complete ( nothing to buy ). The entire golf frame assembles with 1 wrench. There is padding on all 4 sides of the golf  screen including pads on top and bottom to catch those errant shots. The sides velcro to the frame for added protection. The golf impact screen is a new design that allows bounce back adjustabiliy in seconds! No tools required. The entire front of the golf frame is padded as well. All panels attach without grommets or tools. Standard size will be 10/12  x 9 with 3-5ft sides/top. Stay tune for more info on this golf cage at

We use US made Aluminum Slotted Extrusions


1) PANELS. We use the same heavy duty supertex material in our panels as we do in our screens. We don't use a thin nylon material like our competition. In addition, we use a 3 piece design versus a 1 piece design. That means if you  damage it, you are replacing 1 section instead of all 3 sections. Plus our panels are designed to wrap around the 3/4-1 EMT with  pipe insulation. We feel its important to install pipe insulation around the front part of the frame unlike the competition. 

2) PADS-We use a 6" pad for the top of the screen and we use triangle pads ( 6" high x 5" deep )  for the bottom part of the screen. The competition just uses a  panel with no padding.  

3) POLY SPACER SCREEN - Due to the design and installation of the screen, we only use the poly spacer screen material with this enclosure. This screen material provides the stretch and durability needed for a superior golf enclosure. In addition, this screen eliminates excessive bounce back.    

4) US MADE AND SEWN- We have over 10 years experience in making golf screens and golf enclosures. All of our screen material and panel material are made right here in the USA. We cut, measure and sew everything in house for superior quality and performance.

This is our most popular golf enclosure.



If you have a smaller space , you want to maximize the golf screen size. With our golf frame, the golf screen is the same size as the frame. In addition, the  golf frame is only 14" deep and free standing. It can easily rest up against a back wall in a garage and moved out when it ready to be used. We can make these up to 12 ft long and with up to 5 ft sides/top. Comes with a HD back panel as well.   


If you want some thing simple and low cost, you can not go wrong with a basic golf cage mae out of 3/4 or 1" emt conduit. You just slide the pipe into our connectors and tighten with pliers and you have a simple golf cage. Then attach our US made 4 sided golf net to the frame , attach the golf screen and you are ready to hit balls! These golf cages come in 10-15 long 9-10 high and 5 or 10 deep. Options include blackout panels, and screen pads.