How to Build a Golf Simulator Enclosure

 How to Build a Golf Simulator Enclosure

Golf simulators are made up of a lot of different parts, including impact screens, launch monitors, projectors and software. All of these items are very important to your golf simulator setup. 

Many golfers nowadays are building golf simulator enclosures, which helps create a comprehensive golf simulator experience. Building a golf simulator enclosure can be a straightforward process if you know what you’re doing. 

It’s important to look over some important information so that you can be confident going into the building process. 

What Is a Golf Simulator Enclosure?

A golf simulator enclosure is a kind of canopy that surrounds your simulator’s impact screen. It’s usually made from a metal frame built with metal pipes and draped with blackout screens, foam pads and netting. Building a golf simulator enclosure can offer a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Immersiveness: Modern golf software already offers an amazing experience that can make you feel as though you’re actually playing a course in real time. With a golf simulator enclosure, you can notch up that immersiveness even more. Blackout screens make you feel as though you’re in your own environment, letting you focus on the game and enjoy the technology. 

  • Aesthetics: A golf simulator enclosure also looks better, whether it’s in your garage, basement or living room. It has a cleaner, more nuanced look that will appear inviting to guests. 

  • Safety: Enclosures also offer safety. They help keep pets and kids from wandering into the area while someone is swinging. 

Immersiveness, aesthetics and safety are just a few reasons you should consider installing a golf simulator enclosure. 

DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure 

An enclosure is an integral part of your golf simulator. With a solid frame, you can be certain that your simulator is secure. Be sure to take your time during the process and follow individual steps so that you don’t forget an important detail. 

1. Choose What Type of Build You Want 

First, you’ll want to choose what kind of golf simulator enclosure you’re looking to build. This ranges from enclosures with all the fixings to basic setups. At Spectrum Golf, we offer a few different options:


For the simplest golf simulator enclosure, you can opt for the basic option. The basic golf simulator enclosure includes an easy setup made from ¾ or 1” EMT conduit and connectors. Once you have your pieces, just connect the conduit to the connectors. Then you can attach your netting via bungees, and your screen goes in front with adjustable straps. 

The basic option gives you all the benefits of a golf simulator enclosure without having to worry about a complicated setup process. However, you’ll also have a smaller screen and a limited amount of customization options, so factor this in as you make your final decision. 

14” Deep Screen Frames


If you’re worried about space, then the 14” Deep Screen Frames might be the best option. The great thing about this option is that it’s the same size as your screen, so it will work great in a spot with limited space such as a garage or shed. You can easily pull out your simulator when you want to play. Note that this type is limited to 105” high. 

DIY Padded Golf Enclosure

The DIY Padded Golf Enclosure lets you get all the responsibility of building your own enclosure while also supplying you with some of the best products on the market. This includes:

Panels: Our unique 3-piece panels make installation and replacement convenient. 

Pads: For added safety and aesthetics, we include a 6” pad at the top and bottom of the screen. 

Screen: Our poly spacer screen is one of the best on the market, offering defense against bounceback and great durability.